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Too Short – The Pimp Tape (Record Store Day Exclusive)


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Records Store Day 2019 first release limited to 1000 copies in a gatefold sleeve.

Track Listing

Side A

  1. Go $hort Dog
  2. Break A Bitch
  3. Tables
  4. Ain’t My Girlfriend
  5. Give Her Some Money

Side B

  1. Save All That Love
  2. How To Be A Player
  3. Pull Yo Trophies Out
  4. Don’t Shoot
  5. Dr. Dre Interlude

Side C

  1. The Game Taught Me
  2. Give Me Back My Eyes
  3. Only Dimes
  4. Twerk Train
  5. Sexy Dancer

Side D

  1. I Got Shit To Do
  2. Pay Her
  3. $hort Dog Wedding
  4. Pop That Pussy
  5. How To Be a Player (Reprise)